About Shopcreator

Shopcreator is a leading provider of fully hosted, scalable and flexible eCommerce software, designed to help you win new customers, increase customer loyalty, enhance efficiencies and reduce costs.

Since 1998, we have been delivering award-winning ecommerce software to the retail and mail order sectors, spanning clients that range from those who are new to ecommerce, to the UK’s leading high-street retailers.

Our specialist expertise across eCommerce, site design, systems integration and search marketing, enables you to take full advantage of using the Internet to generate online revenue, efficiently and effectively.

Mission Statement

To provide support, guidance and expertise, enabling us to deliver unparalleled customer service, forging partnerships based on trust and understanding.


Our vision is to be an intrinsic part of every organisation we work with, and to provide the best customer experience on the planet.


Meet some of our team and find out more about what it's like working at Shopcreator

Myles Bartlett - CEO

Myles Bartlett

Myles’s role

I’m responsible for the overall strategic direction of the business, and ensuring that we exceed our customers' expectations. It is also my responsibility to make sure that each individual in our team at Shopcreator enjoys their job and comes into work with a reason to smile.

Life before Shopcreator

My background is predominantly technical, focusing on the Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix product suites. I have then developed by transitioning into service delivery; focusing more on customer experience as well as business and relationship management.

Myles’s Shopcreator story

I have worked for Shopcreator in total for 5 years, during two separate periods. My first spell with the company focused on the management of the IT infrastructure and the service desk, before leaving to undertake a dedicated role in service delivery. I re-joined Shopcreator in June 2015 and look forward to ushering through an exciting new era for the business.

Shopcreator life

My time is split between operational duties within the business and customer facing activities, whether that’s on the road or in the office. I’m also always on the lookout for fun and exciting ways to help bring everyone at Shopcreator closer together…starting with an adventure in the Crystal Maze!

Jonathan Groundwater - Sales Director

Jonathan’s role

As the Sales Director, I’m responsible for all company sales related activity which includes the acquisition of new customers through new business development as well as ensuring our current customers remain happy and that they receive a service that exceeds expectations.

Life before Shopcreator

Previous to Shopcreator I worked in sales in the Engineering sector. Previous to that I worked abroad teaching English as a foreign language. I ran the English language department at a technical university in east Turkey before returning to England.

Jonathan’s Shopcreator story

I joined Shopcreator in September 2013 as the Sales Manager. In May 2015 I took on the role of Sales Director. I have also had involvement in the recruitment of new staff. I am fortunate to work with a great team of people and I enjoy working here very much. Each day brings new and interesting challenges.

Shopcreator life

Aside from being involved in the day to day running of the company, I am also an active participant in Shopcreator’s 5 aside football team as well as the other random sports we play such as croquet and boule. I have to admit, being a salesman I am sadly very competitive , and am chastised accordingly by my colleagues!

Jonathan Groundwater

Govind Baker - Head of Development

Govind Baker

Govind’s role

I’ve been managing the development team for a number of years now which involves ensuring that Shopcreator produce industry leading, robust and innovative software solutions that work to help our customers. It’s a nice blend of client interaction and hands-on work with the development team.

Life before Shopcreator

I studied Computer Science and Mathematics at University while working part time as a tennis coach. After a stint working for BT I joined Shopcreator in 2005.

Govind’s Shopcreator story

I started working here as a service desk operator, before moving into the development team. At Shopcreator we focus on producing solutions which are practical and usable in the real world. I get a real sense of achievement when we get feedback on a solution that helps make someone’s life easier. I enjoy working at Shopcreator because everyone throughout the organisation, works and socialises well with each other to create a great working atmosphere.

Shopcreator life

We organise quite a few formal social events each year but also have less formal ones and play 5 a side football once a week.

Tim Coghlan - Service Desk Manager

Tim’s role

The primary Service Desk Manager role is that of providing first level support through taking calls and handling the resulting incidents or Service Requests, using the incident management and request fulfillment processes, in line with Service Desk objectives.

Life before Shopcreator

I studied Multimedia and Spanish at Newcastle before starting my first job as a Web Designer at Wolseley UK, before accepeting a senior Web Developer role at Shopcreator 2005.

Tim’s Shopcreator story

I joined Shopcreator's in 2005 working as part of the web design team.

Tim Coghlan

Andrew Simpson - Senior Developer

Andrew Simpson

Life before Shopcreator

I have had a varied background prior to joining Shopcreator with everything from lithographic printing to farming. I made the decision to break into the IT world and joined my previous employee in a technical support capacity.

Andrew’s Shopcreator story

I joined Shopcreator’s technical support department in April 2000 in the middle of the ecommerce boom period when everyone thought merely owning an ecommerce website would make you rich. For the next 8 months I provided customer support and technical assistance to our customers. I had had some previous experience writing learning websites for York College, these skills were utilised with a move into a newly created department at Shopcreator called Systems Integration, where bespoke requirements were provided for our customers.

Shopcreator life

The majority of my time at Shopcreator is spent supporting our technical support department with customer enquiries and producing custom functionality for clients. When I am not in the office you can either find me scuba diving or coaching an under 11 girls football team.