Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Store Build and Site Management training courses for our full product range and Template Manipulation courses for Retailer and Enterprise customers.

Although there are plenty of tutorials within the Shopcreator administration system together with a forum and telephone/email support we also offer comprehensive courses on Store Build and Site Management. These courses covers all aspects of setting up your ecommerce website and the day to day running of your store. Our Template Manipulation course is designed for Retailer and enterprise customers who wish to customise there sites by altering the website templates, an understanding of HTML is essential for this course.

Store Courses are held once a month at our offices in Leeds and run from 10am to 4pm.

Self building and managing a Shopcreator ecommerce website is very straight forward. In addition to the step by step tutorials in the admin system all of the Shopcreator products come with free telephone and email support. There is also a forum on our website where you can ask support questions as well as questions on a multitude of other ecommerce topics.

We host all of our ecommerce websites from start-ups to leading high street retailers. Our server farm is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year ensuring our sites are always visible.

All of the Shopcreator suite of ecommerce products are totally scalable. If you need extra functionality, bespoke design or integration there is no need to reload product catalogues, images or other information you have previously entered. Our sites are 100% scalable.

We can host the domain by transferring it to us. We charge £25.00 + VAT per domain to do this. Once we have control of the domain we will perform all of the necessary settings.

If you wish to transfer a .co.uk or .org.uk domain to Shopcreator, just ask your current domain host to change the IPS tag of the domain to SHOPCREATOR (must be upper case).

If your domain is registered with another company we recommend changing the cname record to point your domain at Shopcreator

Most domain companies will have a control panel on their website which will enable you to add the details below in order to point your domain at your website. If the domain company does not have a control panel they will be able to perform the changes for you.

Set the CName record to: hosting-service.Shopcreator.net

Once this change has been made please enter your domain in the admin system. Go to Site Configuration » Amend Company Details. Tick the Insert Domain Name box and enter your domain name.

If you require any help pointing your domain at Shopcreator we can be contacted on 0845 12 11 400 or via email support@shopcreator.com

Yes, HTML and javascript can be added to all title, descriptions etc. Just add the html and javascript to the text field when adding or editing a product or information page.

The Shopcreator platform is a mature, proven e-commerce platform that continues to be grown and developed by a team of high calibre professional developers.You will regularly see new functionality and upgrades added to the product.

Your T&Cs will be linked from your Shopcreator Welcome email but can also be viewed below for each Shopcreator package.