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Selling over the Internet allows your shop to be open 24 hours a day 365 days a year and attract customers from all over the world. But getting started with selling on the web can be a daunting experience. It’s one thing to have a simple, information web site – it’s quite another to sell products and accept payments.

Shopcreator Transact is designed to make that process simple and to get you online in 60 minutes or less.

Shopcreator’s award winning software makes setting up an ecommerce website simple. For a flat charge of £19.99 (inclusive of VAT) we provide a menu driven, fully functional, hosted service.

With Shopcreator Transact you can be selling in 60 minutes by following 5 simple steps.

  1. Choose your store name
    For £30+VAT you can purchase your own domain – and your store will process under your address ( By default, Stores are operated in the Shopcreator Mall ( Purchasing your own domain is highly recommended – results show that sales are 75% higher when you do. You also get free email forwarding.
  2. Load Products
    Products can either be loaded up directly or through a CSV file upload. Information that is required includes description copy, prices, and shipping cost.
  3. Define Terms & Conditions
    Pre-defined Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Delivery Information can be either accepted or modified by the merchant.
  4. Payment Details
    You then need to enter the details of how your customers are to pay. Available options are PayPal and Shopcreator’s preferred Payment Service Provider (PSP), SecureTrading.
  5. Shipping Information
    Different rates are defined for shipping to UK, EU and further afield.

When these steps are complete, the site will be online and ready to accept your first order.

Shopcreator Transact Optional Features

There are four optional feature packs that can be bought to enhance the Shopcreator Transact offering. Each pack can be purchased through the Store Administration tool. Each costs £10+VAT / Month.

  1. Marketing Pack 1
    The Marketing 1 pack includes Banners – the ability to promote specific products through banners displayed on each page. For more specific sales promotions, it also includes Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers which are very effective at introducing new products or as a way of shifting excess stock. The Multibuy/Discount feature of this pack allows you to create custom promotions to increase multiple sales of products at discounted prices. The Spotlight/Product List feature allows lists of products to be highlighted on the home page and can help drive sales effectively.
  2. Marketing Pack 2
    Onsite Reviews from customers are a proven way of improving the confidence of customers to buy from your site. Marketing 2 includes this functionality, along with Best Sellers which allows you automatically to feature best-selling items.
  3. Adminstration Pack 1
    The Administration Pack allows you to show the availability of stock and, in particular, to feature a Low Stock Warning.
  4. Adminstration Pack 2
    The Email Marketing module can be used to promote your store and products to new customers, either using lists of potential prospects or – used in conjunction with the core Customer Registration facility – to drum up the repeat business that all successful websites require. The Pack also contains the Advanced Shipping facility. This is a must for sites that ships items of widely differing shapes and sizes, each of which can have different shipping prices by quantity, weight and distance.

Other Features

The Shopcreator Transact service is hosted in our secure facility and supported from a UK based call centre Monday-Friday 9:00 – 17:00. All Transact customers benefit from a choice of over 40 different SEO optimized designs. Shopcreator Transaction supports PayPal and SecureTrading – allowing you to have a Merchant account with any UK Bank. All orders received are reported through our simple to use Content Management System (CMS) and confirmed to the customer by email. You can also make changes to your site through the CMS and these are immediately reflected on the web. More sophisticated reporting is available through Google Analytics Integration and products are automatically submitted to Google Products.

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