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Ecommerce For B2B Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies


We provide bespoke ecommerce website design solutions for companies operating in the B2B pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Whether you’re developing drugs for use as medication, using biomolecular processes to create products for healing, fuelling and feeding, or supplying testing kits, lab equipment, enzymes, solutions and associated items into the industry, we can help you improve your online revenues.

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A Unique Industry


The UK is at the forefront of the global pharmaceutical industry, generating over 10% of GDP and employing 70,000+ people. The rise of ecommerce is one of the biggest trends for this sector and while pharmaceutical and biotech companies can learn a lot from the wider B2B marketplace, there are some principles that make this industry unique.
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Here at Shopcreator, our ecommerce development and web design expertise helps you reach more customers, improve conversion rates and create a better online experience for your customers.

  • Lack of specialist ecommerce companies in pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • Product restrictions and product combination controls due to licensing and geography
  • Quantity purchases may need to be limited by product or by customer
  • Online purchase of some product combinations may need to be prevented
  • Product configurations may contain liquids that can be prepared in many different permutations
  • Large variations in content management requirements due to different levels of product sophistication
  • Rich product content is needed for complex molecular diagnostics equipment, assays and enzymes

The Shopcreator Advantage


Make It Easy for Your Customers

With a comprehensive catalogue of products, it can be hard for your customers to find what they need. Our ecommerce solutions provide powerful search and filter options, making it easy for your clients to find and order the exact item they need.

Stay in Control of Your Product Information

New systems implemented into your business need to reduce complexity, not add to it. We’ve been integrating with third parties and developing bespoke solutions for 20 years, ensuring we deliver excellence and simplicity.

Let Your Sales Team Focus on What Matters

Selling online doesn’t mean the end of personal customer contact. Online orders are processed automatically, freeing up your sales team to focus on value-adding client contact.

Provide Your Customers With A Great Online Experience

We live and breathe beautiful bespoke designs which are crafted to boost your sales. We meet with your business face to face so that we can understand you and your target audience and how you want your brand to be represented.

B2B Pharmaceutical & Biotech Fast Facts

  • UK pharmaceutical market to grow from £23.4 billion in 2015 to £35 billion by 2020
  • UK pharmaceutical industry generates over 10% of GDP and employs 70,000 people
  • Medical products market consists of 500,000 products in 20,000 generic groups across 16 sub-categories
  • 3,000 medical manufacturers in the UK, many small-scale manufacturers and few global players with significant market presence
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are relatively immune to macroeconomic conditions

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