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B2B Features All B2B Websites Need

Expand and manage your wholesale enterprise seamlessly on Shopcreator, to increase customer engagement and reduce customer service requirements and mistakes. Shopcreator will ensure you are equipped with tools meticulously designed for your business, catering to the unique needs of all your buyers.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay On Account

This functionality offers customers a convenient and flexible payment option that can significantly enhance their shopping experience. This feature provides trusted customers or business clients with the ability to make purchases without immediate payment, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty. This can be limited on a customer by customer basis. By allowing customers to pay on account, businesses can streamline the purchasing process for regular clients, encouraging repeat transactions. This approach is particularly advantageous for B2B relationships, where organizations may prefer consolidated billing and periodic settlements. Ultimately, "Pay on Account" not only simplifies the checkout process but also contributes to building lasting relationships with customers by offering them a tailored and efficient payment solution.

Accurate and Efficient Order Fulfillment

Warehouse Integration

Warehouse integration is a crucial feature for any e-commerce website, providing a myriad of benefits that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. By seamlessly integrating the website with the warehouse management system, businesses can automate and optimize their inventory management processes. This results in real-time updates on product availability, reducing the risk of overselling or stockouts. Warehouse integration streamlines the entire order processing workflow, from order placement to shipment tracking, leading to faster and more reliable deliveries. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to improved customer experiences, fostering trust and loyalty. Overall, warehouse integration is a cornerstone for e-commerce success, offering a synchronized and streamlined approach to managing inventory and fulfilling customer orders.

Website Reporting

Financial System Integration

Ensuring finance systems have all the correct information for reporting purposes is extremely important to all businesses. By integrating fully with these systems we help to ensure that whatever financial system our customers are using they have accurate and up to date information.

Personalised Pricing

Custom Price Lists

Implementing custom price lists on a website provides a tailored and flexible pricing structure that caters to diverse customer needs, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience. This feature allows businesses to create personalised pricing tiers based on customer segments, order volumes, or loyalty levels. Custom price lists empower businesses to offer exclusive discounts, negotiate deals, and implement targeted promotional strategies. This level of pricing flexibility not only attracts and retains customers but also enables businesses to remain competitive in dynamic markets. These pricing structures can be created online or imported as they change from external systems. Along with Pay On Account, Custom Price Lists allows your B2B and B2C customers to order from the same platform with B2C customers getting a web price and paying upfront and B2B customers seeing trade prices and being invoiced afterward.

Promoting Bulk Purchases

Maximum/Minimum Order Quantities and Volume Price Breaks

By setting minimum order quantities or volume price breaks, businesses can ensure that orders encourage bulk purchasing which not only streamlines the packing and shipping processes but also allows for better negotiation of shipping rates and cost-effective logistics. On the other hand, maximum order quantities prevent excessive ordering, helping to manage stock levels and prevent depletion of inventory. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses dealing with limited stock or exclusive products. By establishing these parameters, e-commerce platforms can strike a balance between operational efficiency and customer convenience, contributing to a more controlled and profitable online shopping experience.

Buyer Financial Management

Budget Control

Incorporating budget control features on a website provides a significant advantage for both businesses and customers. This functionality allows your customers head office to set and manage individual buyer spending limits, offering a proactive and personalized approach to budget management. These can be tailored for specific customer groups to to set limits per category and per time period. They can also be given the option to go over these limits by requesting authorisation from head office. Budget control on a website is especially beneficial for corporate clients or bulk purchasers, enabling them to adhere to predetermined spending constraints. This feature not only enhances financial responsibility but also fosters customer trust and satisfaction by empowering users with the tools to regulate their expenditures effectively.

Procurement Process


Punchout integration stands as a pivotal benefit for businesses operating e-commerce platforms in B2B environments. This feature streamlines and enhances the procurement process by allowing buyers to seamlessly connect their procurement systems directly with the seller's website. With punchout integration, buyers can access the seller's catalog, select products, and initiate transactions directly from their procurement system, promoting efficiency and accuracy in order placement. This not only reduces manual entry errors but also ensures that buyers can leverage negotiated pricing, contracts, and specific terms seamlessly. By facilitating a direct and synchronized connection between buyers and sellers, punchout integration not only simplifies the procurement workflow but also fosters stronger B2B relationships, making it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their e-commerce operations.

Simplified Shopping Process

Easy Reorder

The inclusion of Order History and ReOrder functionality on a website provides a host of benefits for customers. It gives easy access to their order history and invoices and offers a convenient way to track and review past purchases, fostering a sense of transparency and trust. The ReOrder functionality simplifies the shopping process by allowing customers to effortlessly replicate previous orders with a few clicks, saving time and effort and also quickly reorder products that they buy regularly. This feature is particularly advantageous for customers with recurring or bulk orders, enhancing overall convenience and encouraging repeat business. This functionality contributes to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a streamlined purchasing experience. By empowering customers with the ability to replicate orders seamlessly, e-commerce platforms can cultivate lasting relationships and ensure a user-friendly environment that promotes customer retention.

Pay On Account

  • Website visitors increased by 19% in February compared to January
  • Organic website visitors 15% in February compared to January


  • Website visitors increased by 39% in January 20 compared to January 19
  • Organic website visitors 32% in January 20 compared to January 19

The Challenge

The objective for the Supplies for Candles project was to migrate from WordPress/WooCommerce to a more ecommerce centric platform. After looking at the current website and future roadmap, we choose PrestaShop as a suitable platform and began mapping out a project plan to make sure it was a seamless transition.

The Solution

Shopcreator’s remit was to address these issues providing Supplies for Candles with an enterprise level ecommerce website. The main function was to increase efficiency and productivity whilst improving the customers online purchasing experience and ultimately improving the service that Supplies for Candles wanted for their customers. Supplies for Candles also had a dedicated German site and the built-in PrestaShop MultiShop functionality easily allowed for a separate iterations of the site used to serve region specific content.

The chosen platform, in this case PrestaShop, had to be integrated with their fulfilment platform Brightpearl enabling warehouse staff to fulfil orders a great capacity. A key requirement was to enable Supplies for Candles to have greater control over homepage, category and menu changes.

Integrations & Development:

  • Algolia: Site Search powered by AI
  • Algolia: Site Product Recommends Powered by AI
  • Klaviyo: Marketing Automation Platform for Email, SMS & Push
  • OrderWise ERP, WMS and Stock Control Software
  • Clearpay: Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Amazon Pay
  • Amazon Seller Integration
  • Trustpilot Reviews
  • Flowbox: User-generated content platform
  • The Hub: Knowledge Hub For all things candle and home fragrance making!

The Results

The project post migration review provided by Leeds based SEO partner Rushh was extremely positive.

The speed at which Shopcreator were able to make changes on the site was nothing we had experienced with any other provider. Not only where the quick to action changes, the level of professionalism with the process made it a pleasure with them on all aspect of the project.

Making our customers happy makes what we do so worthwhile. Nicky Story, Founder at Supplies for Candles had some very positive words to say about Shopcreator and the project itself.