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How We Create Ecommerce Excellence For B2B Companies


Ecommerce in B2B sectors is on the rise and is one of the biggest opportunities for many companies at the moment. While B2B businesses can learn a lot about ecommerce from B2C, a specialist B2B ecommerce agency will be able to give you the edge on your competitors.

B2B revenues from online are now double those of B2C and in this competitive marketplace you need the best possible ecommerce solution. By 2020, B2B ecommerce will be worth $6.7 trillion globally. For those of us in the UK, that’s more than £5.3 trillion.

Here at Shopcreator, our B2B ecommerce website development and web design expertise help you reach more customers, improve conversion rates and create the ideal online experience.

The Shopcreator Advantage


We're one of the few ecommerce and web design agencies that specialise in B2B ecommerce. With a history of helping hundreds of companies improve the way they sell online, why not get in touch and discover what we can do for you?

Make It Easy for Your Customers

A B2B website can often mean a comprehensive product catalogue, making it difficult for your customers to find what they need. Our ecommerce websites provide tailored search, filter and payment options, allowing your customers to easily find and buy what they need, when they need it.

Stay in Control of Product Information

New systems need to reduce complexity, not add to it. We’ve been carrying out full system integrations and developing bespoke website solutions for 20 years, ensuring we can deliver excellence and simplicity that will improve your profits.

Let Your Sales Team Focus on the Things That Matter

Selling online doesn’t mean the end of personal customer contact. Online orders are processed automatically, freeing up your sales team to bring in new business and focus on your key accounts.

Provide Your Customers With The Ultimate Online Experience

We create outstanding bespoke website designs, crafted to boost your B2B sales. We will meet with your business face to face so that we can fully understand your business, your target audience, your business objectives and how you want your brand to be represented.

Current Trends & Challenges in B2B Sectors


B2B businesses now expect to be able to order online, but a study by Mintel shows that less than a quarter of B2B companies offer an ecommerce option.

This represents a great opportunity, whether you already have an ecommerce website or not. There is always the opportunity to improve and win business from your competitors, and we're the ecommerce agency that will show you how.

  • B2B companies are exploring ways to cut costs while still improving their competitive edge
  • Underperforming legacy B2B infrastructures are being stripped out in favour of faster, leaner solutions
  • Supply chain efficiencies are being created through improved information management and collaboration
  • More focus is being placed on improved internal communications between locations and to trading partners and customers
  • Ecommerce platforms are being evaluated for their potential to boost sales and reduce costs

If you’re thinking about strengthening your current ecommerce website or have yet to discover the true power of selling online, now is the time to act.

Industries that can benefit from our B2B ecommerce solutions include:

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Our bespoke ecommerce solutions have helped hundreds of companies change the way they sell. Discover what our ecommerce agency expertise can do for you.

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