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Gem Scientific


The website was running on the closed-source platform and the aim of the website migration was to give the Gem Scientific more autonomy for design and move to a more open-source eCommerce-dedicated platform to help reduce both hosting and support costs, while also streamlining business processes.

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Project:Ecommerce Website
Deliverables:Concept, UX, Platform Migration and Development

Initial Project Impact

  • Website visitors increased by 39% in February 16 compared to February 15
  • Organic website visitors 76% in February 16 compared to February 15

Year on Year

  • 8 Year Average YoY Online Revenue Growth: 158%
  • 8 Year Average YoY Order Value Growth: 56%

The Challenge

The objective for the Gem Scientific project was to migrate the website to an open-source platform, while simultaneously developing new functionality to offer their customer base. The need to re-develop with a new partner arose due to high running costs, website/system issues and a need for a level of support and consistency they weren't currently receiving. In addition, Gem Scientific wanted to build positive online brand awareness surrounding its product range.

The Solution

Shopcreator’s remit was to address these issues providing Gem Scientific with an enterprise level ecommerce website. The main function was to increase efficiency and productivity whilst improving the customers online purchasing experience and ultimately improving the service that Gem Scientific to its customers.

The chosen platform, in this case PrestaShop, had to be integrated with their Sage Finance system and give more control to make design and content changes easily throughout the website. A key requirement was to help streamline processes within the business, making the company more efficient when dealing with online orders. An area of importance to Gem Scientific was SEO and Shopcreator worked closely with Spike Digital, Gem Scientific's long-term SEO partner, to make sure the ranking wasn't affected and the SEO functionality improved as part of the migration project.

Integrations & Development:

  • Warehouse Integration - Orders are sent automatically to the warehouse for fulfilment
  • Financial System Integration - Order/Customer information sent for reporting purposes
  • Closed Product Lists - Certain customers can only view and buy certain SKUs
  • Custom Price Lists - Different customer groups get different pricing
  • Maximum/Minimum Order Quantities - Set up per customer per SKU
  • Easy Reorder - List products you are most likely to want to order and replace repeat orders

The Results

The project post migration review provided by Leeds based SEO partner Spike Digital was extremely positive.

Under normal circumstances any client who is about to go through a website migration would be advised that their site will inevitably see a decline in the first 2 months and should recover to previous levels within 6 months – however Gem Scientific has bucked the trend, and because the migration went so smoothly is actually seeing immediate increases both MoM and YoY
I cannot recommend Shopcreator highly enough! I came into the project after it started and I was made to feel part of the process from the get go. All communication was prompt and easy to understand, regardless of who I spoke to within the team... they have all been brilliant. The way our internal systems work meant this was never going to be the most straight forward project for them and there were a number of delays internally. This led to time spent testing the site being reduced but this didn't affect their quality of work in the slightest. Everyone within the wider business is very impressed with the end result and I would highly recommend Shopcreator to anyone wanting a new website. Keep up the great work guys!