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Lindum Turf


Lindum Turf Ltd was looking for a system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of its internal order processing system.

Project:Ecommerce Website
Deliverables:Concept, UX and Development
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The Challenge

Many orders were being placed and amended on the day and cutters in the field need to update their cutting sheet from messages sent via Whatsapp constantly and Lindum Turf Ltd would like the system to be a fully integrated ecommerce offering, capable of automating many of the tasks that are currently done manually.

The Solution

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Order Entry System

The website needed to have an order entry system whereby office staff will be able to enter in orders quickly and simply.

  • Ability to choose an existing customer or enter details of a new customer and create an order
  • The office emaployees aslo need access to view and edit all orders

Cutting Sheet

All admin users will need to be able to see the cutting sheet but some user groups needed to have a different view to others.

The cutting sheet needed to consist of a filterable, orderable table with certain columns depending on user. By default it needs to display todays collections ordered by collection time ascending. All users will need to be able to:

  • Enter notes against an order line
  • Change the status of the order line
  • Enter Pallets In (number of pallets that were returned)
  • Change the date to see future/past days cutting sheets

Statuses will include Open (default for orders), Cutting, Cut, Awaiting Collection, Loaded, Shipped/Closed, Office Intervention (used when the office needs to check the notes in order to action something e.g. non payment).

The bottom of the cutting sheet will have a total for the Amount (m) for the visible rows.

Different User Groups will see different columns. Cutters and Forklift users will need to be able to see the data on a tablet.

Cutters - The following columns will be visible

  • Collection Time
  • Status (changeable from drop down)
  • Customer
  • Grade
  • Amount (m)
  • Roll Size
  • Pallets Out
  • Haulier
  • Notes (editable text field)

Forklift - All columns that Cutters see and

  • Pallets In (enter a number - default to zero)
  • Cash (£)

Office/Accounts - All columns that Forklift see and

  • Payment method

If a cutting sheet is updated during the day it should be highlighted in a different colour and should give a notification to anyone with the cutting sheet open that an amendment has been received to ensure that it is not missed.

The Results

The project review provided by Lindum Turf was extremely positive.

our journey with Shopcreator on this ecommerce project has been nothing short of exceptional. They've helped us elevate our online presence, enhance customer experience, and ultimately boost sales. If you're looking to take your ecommerce game to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Shopcreator. Here's to a brighter, more prosperous future for our business, thanks to this amazing ecommerce project!

Our website is all set to help us move ahead and give our customers the awesome platform they deserve.