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Supplies for Candles


The objective of the Supplies for Candles project was to migrate the current WooCommerce website to a more ecommerce centric platform with a simplified interface for the employees. Supplies for Candles wanted to rebrand and this platform move provided a good opportunity to work on this alongside the migration.

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Project:Ecommerce Website
Deliverables:Concept, UX and Development

Initial Project Impact

  • Website visitors increased by 39% in January 20 compared to January 19
  • Organic website visitors 32% in January 20 compared to January 19
  • Revenue in the year after moving to Shopcreator increased by 132% with average order value increasing by 14%

Year on Year

  • February 2021 saw the highest ever level of organic traffic, a 733% increase compared to February 2020
  • Increase in revenue and number of transactions every single year. Current annual revenue up 530% since moving to Shopcreator
  • Average revenue per year up by 372% since moving to Shopcreator

The Challenge

The objective for the Supplies for Candles project was to migrate from WordPress/WooCommerce to a more ecommerce centric platform. After looking at the current website and future roadmap, we choose PrestaShop as a suitable platform and began mapping out a project plan to make sure it was a seamless transition.

The Solution

Shopcreator’s remit was to address these issues providing Supplies for Candles with an enterprise level ecommerce website. The main function was to increase efficiency and productivity whilst improving the customers online purchasing experience and ultimately improving the service that Supplies for Candles wanted for their customers. Supplies for Candles also had a dedicated German site and the built-in PrestaShop MultiShop functionality easily allowed for a separate iterations of the site used to serve region specific content.

The chosen platform, in this case PrestaShop, had to be integrated with their fulfilment platform Brightpearl enabling warehouse staff to fulfil orders a great capacity. A key requirement was to enable Supplies for Candles to have greater control over homepage, category and menu changes.

Integrations & Development:

  • Custom Price Lists Per Customer/Group
  • Dynamic Favourite Products
  • Pay On Account
  • Volume Price Breaks and Min/Max Order Quantities
  • Algolia: Site Search powered by AI
  • Algolia: Site Product Recommends Powered by AI
  • Klaviyo: Marketing Automation Platform for Email, SMS & Push
  • Warehouse: OrderWise ERP, WMS and Stock Control Software
  • Clearpay: Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Amazon Pay
  • Amazon Seller Integration
  • Trustpilot Reviews
  • Flowbox: User-generated content platform
  • The Hub: Knowledge Hub For all things candle and home fragrance making!

The Results

The project post migration review provided by Leeds based SEO partner Rushh was extremely positive.

The speed at which Shopcreator were able to make changes on the site was nothing we had experienced with any other provider. Not only where the quick to action changes, the level of professionalism with the process made it a pleasure with them on all aspect of the project.

Making our customers happy makes what we do so worthwhile. Nicky Story, Founder at Supplies for Candles had some very positive words to say about Shopcreator and the project itself.

The website migration resulted in remarkable achievements for the business, with a staggering revenue increase of 421.17% and a substantial boost in the ecommerce conversion rate, soaring by 28.55%. This successful migration not only enhanced the website's overall performance but also amplified its capacity to attract and engage customers, leading to exceptional financial growth. The carefully executed migration process ensured a seamless transition, optimizing the website's design, functionality, and user experience. As a result, the business experienced a substantial surge in revenue, reflecting the effectiveness of the migration strategy. Furthermore, the notable increase in the ecommerce conversion rate signifies the improved ability of the website to convert visitors into paying customers. Overall, this website migration proved to be a resounding success, driving unprecedented growth and affirming the business's commitment to providing an exceptional online experience for our customers.

Nicky Story - Owner/Founder of Supplies for Candles