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The Soap Kitchen


The primary goal of the Soap Kitchen project was for Shopcreator to facilitate the migration of The Soap Kitchen from their existing Magento platform to PrestaShop. By assuming control of hosting, support, and ongoing development, Shopcreator aimed to empower the Soap Kitchen to elevate their brand and enhance the customer experience. Additionally, The Soap Kitchen sought to establish a robust online presence that would foster favorable brand awareness and recognition for their diverse product range. Through this collaborative effort, Shopcreator and the Soap Kitchen aspired to unlock new opportunities for growth and strengthen their brand's position in the digital landscape.

Project:Ecommerce Website
Deliverables:Concept, UX and Development
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The Challenge

The challange for the The Soap Kitchen project was to seamlessly migrate the platform, hosting and support over to Shopcreator so they could begin looking at the bespoke developemnt project that would take the company to the next level online. Below are a list of the prject completed within the last 6 months:

  • Algolia Search
  • Algolia Product recommends
  • Loyalty Lion
  • Orderwise Fulfillment Migration
  • Clearpay
  • The Solution

    Shopcreator’s remit was to address these issues providing The Soap Kitchen with an enterprise level ecommerce website. The main function was to increase efficiency and productivity whilst improving the customers online purchasing experience and ultimately improving the service that The Soap Kitchen provides to its customers.

    The integration of the chosen platform, PrestaShop, with their Finance system was a crucial aspect of the project. It was essential to enable the display of different pricing options for various customers, including the ability to utilize promotions. Moreover, the implementation needed to support multiple payment methods such as customer accounts, PayPal, credit/debit cards, as well as accommodate Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure for enhanced security. The Soap Kitchen emphasized the importance of a versatile shopping platform for users, along with granting the website manager full access to the website's HTML and CSS.

    The Results

    The project post migration review provided by Ellie Major was extremely positive.

    Switching to Shopcreator was a game-changer for our business!

    Making our customers happy makes what we do so worthwhile. The Soap Kitchen had some very positive words to say about Shopcreator and the project itself.

    Switching to Shopcreator was a game-changer for our business! The new ecommerce platform they crafted not only looks amazing but works like a charm. Our customers are loving the seamless shopping experience, and we've seen a notable boost in sales since the launch. Kudos to the Shopcreator team for their expertise and dedication to making our online store shine!

    Ellie Major - The Soap Kitchen