As ecommerce agency Shopcreator unveils its rebrand and adjusts its position in the marketplace, Myles Bartlett, CEO, takes us through the thinking behind the shift.

A Slice of History

Shopcreator has been around since 1998 and that’s a long time for a company that builds ecommerce solutions. To put it in context, Google was established in the same year, we were just a few years behind eBay and Amazon, and we beat YouTube into the world by seven years.

The last time Shopcreator rebranded was 2008, and a lot has changed within the business and the industry over the last nine years. Since inception, Shopcreator has offered an array of solutions to businesses of all sizes, from sole traders selling t-shirts from their bedrooms to multi-national powerhouses looking for their next foothold in the world of ecommerce.

This was extremely well received by the general public and our clients as the dotcom boom swept the country. Over the years, more and more solution providers and ecommerce platforms have emerged, with most of them tailoring their offering to a specific audience.

Take Shopify, for example. Although they have subsequently introduced an enterprise solution, make no mistake, their core business still focuses on generating high volumes of customers paying $29 to $299 per month. While being a generalist can work in some circumstances, it’s safe to say that our industry is definitely not within that arena. Over the past few years it’s become evident that when we’re trying to fight on all fronts, we’re not able to focus on what we love and do extremely well: helping people consistently increase their online revenues beyond their expectations.

A Time For Change

I joined the company in 2011, and in May 2015 I took the helm when Shopcreator was acquired by Simply Evolve Ltd. We set the wheels in motion for change and since then we’ve been redefining our business processes and our service offerings to ensure that the clients we choose to work with are the right fit for us and we’re also the right fit for them. The importance of working with people who are willing to invest and drive their business forward is as vital to us as delivering great ecommerce solutions. Above all, it needs to be a win-win relationship.

Our team lives and breathes continual improvement, which is now baked into each and every managed service agreement that we deliver. The change in direction also meant one thing: it was finally time for a re-brand.

Putting It All Together

On the face of things the re-brand was an incredibly exciting project, though it quickly became a labour of love. We wanted our new brand to represent the new, evolved Shopcreator. That’s easier said than done.

The initial process felt like we were treading water, avoiding clichéd shopping cart logos, churning through concept after concept, with nothing seeming to quite tick all of the boxes. However, suddenly something clicked. Working closely with our design team, we landed upon an idea that began to take on a life of its own. As the concept developed further, we all felt a sense of pride that we were going to do justice to who we are, and what we do.

The New Us

Our new branding represents the diverse, passionate and talented team that makes us who we are. It personifies our creativity, our dedication and our love for what we do. We want our clients to feel like we’re an integrated part of their team, that we are people they can trust and rely upon. We want our branding to convey that message, so we can continue to help organisations grow their online revenues by providing them with unparalleled expertise and service.

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